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911/911SC/911 Carrera
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911 Performance Package

Performance Package includes Dual-Outlet Maxflo Muffler, Catbypass Pipe, CUP airbox, and DME chip.
-Fits all 911 Carrera vehicles 1976-1989
-DME Chip fits all 911 Carrera vehicles 1984-1989. Please specify year, pin number, and performance upgrades.
-+24HP with full exhaust system and DME Chip upgrade.
-Constructed from high-quality, 14-16 gauge T304 stainless steel C.N.C. mandrel bent tubing.
-Single or Dual Outlet muffler in one innovative system. Single outlet variant includes block-off for passenger side outlet.
-Euro pre-muffler catbypass pipe includes all the hardware and gaskets to bolt to the OEM heat exchangers.
-Direct replacement for the restrictive OEM muffler and catalytic converter.
-CUP airbox is a direct replacement for the front cover of the OEM airbox and will improve airflow into the engine.
-Works with factory filter element or any performance filters designed to use the stock airbox.
Simple bolt-on installation that fits all 911 models.
-Dramatically improved throttle response and overall increase in power throughout the RPM range
Sale Price Starting at $1650

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911  Maxflo Muffler Exhaust

-Fits all 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
-+14HP and Up to 28HP with a chip, muffler and cat-bypass and CUP airbox
-Super strong ultra heavy duty T304 Stainless steel. Double wrapped muffler case.
-Single or dual outlet... your choice because Fabspeed's revolutionary innovative system allows the 911 owner to CAP-OFF the right side outlet easily to make it into a single outlet.
-Simple and easy bolt-on installation.
-Fits all cars worldwide.
-No annoying resonance and vibration on Fabspeed 911 dual outlet system VERSUS all competitors systems. -Mirror polished show car shine.
-Deluxe 4.5” oval tips with all systems.
-Completely adjustable for perfect fit.
-True dual outlet system
Pricing Starts at $1195
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911 Supercup Exhaust System

-Fits all 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
-Very aggressive muffler bypass system which incorporates two resonators.
-Direct replacement for the OEM muffler and will bolt to the factory catalytic converter or Fabspeed’s Euro Pre-muffler catbypass pipe.
-Dramatic weight savings and improvement in power.
-Includes 4.5” deluxe tip.
911 3.2 Carrera Maxflo Header-Muffler Kit

-For all 911 3.2 Carrera 1984-1989
-Loud and aggressive Cup car sound. Recommended for Track Use Only!
-Headers require oil line update part# 911-107-729-10
-System can be used in single outlet form, cap provided please specify.
-High-quality, 14-16 guage T304 stainless steel C.NC. for maximum performance and strength.
-911 RSR style headers equal length 1 piece C.N.C. mandrel bent primary tubes 26.5” with F1/NASCAR style high velocity merge collectors. Maxflo headers also come with a dual inlet/dual outlet muffler system. Not available in single outlet. System also comes with RSR muffler bypass pipes/race straight pipe outlets so you can run open headers.
-Ultimate performance street, race, and DE exhaust system for all 3.2 Carreras.
-This system saves 43.1lbs/19.5 kg from the rear of the vehicle with the heat option and saves 47.5lbs/21.6 kg with the headers without heat option.
Sale Price Starting at  $2595

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911 European Pre-Muffler Catbypass Pipe

-All 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
-Composite gaskets included.
-+11HP & more Torque
-High Quality T304 Stainless steel with polished show car mirror shine
-O2 sensor bung so your 911 fuel injection system can automatically adjust mixture/idle/part throttle for maximum performance.
-Just like Porsche factory German catbypass Euro-premuffler but without the $500.00 price.
-LOOKS like a stock catalytic converter--best way to pass a visual exam inspection.
-Simple and easy Bolt on installation
-Quieter and more durable than a mild steel straight pipe yet you can still roll a golf ball thru the Fabspeed pipe!
-Catbypass & Fabspeed sport exhaust makes more horsepower than virtually any aftermarket exhaust system.
-Best PROVEN performance value on the market.
-Get the POWER while controlling the sound.
911 Sport Race Catalytic Converter

-All 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
-Composite gaskets included.
-High quality T304 stainless steel. Mirror polish shine.
-Fits 1975-1989 911 Cars and all models.
-High flow sport race cat for maximum flow and power.
-More sports cars sound versus stock 911 catalytic converter.
-Direct replacement bolt-on for stock cat or catbypass pipe
-Less backpressure with sport race catalytic converter versus OEM catalytic converter. 02 sensor plug in just like the stock cat so fuel injection can automatically compensate.
911 Muffler Bypass Pipe

-Fits all 911/911SC/911 Carrera Vehicles 1976-1989
-Composite gaskets included.
-+14HP Gain & more Torque
-World's lightest, most powerful exhaust system available on the market
-Fits all 911 cars worldwide 1975-1989. Complies with 50 state emissions
-Maximum Power- more than ANY other Muffler/exhaust system.
-Very aggressive 911 sports car sound.
-Works with stock catalytic converter or our catbypass Pipe/European style-premuffler
-Easy on and easy off installation- perfect for weekend Track Events
-System comes with outlet pipe, clamp (not shown) and slip-on turndown
-Saves up to 60lbs off the rear end of a 911
-Eliminates all 911 Rear Mufflers cars worldwide.
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