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986 Boxster/S


986 Boxster/S
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986 Boxster 200 Cell Catalytic Converters

-Fits all 986 Boxster Vehicles 1997-1999
-T304SS high performance 200 cell German imported sport catalytic converters.
-Increase in power and sportscar sound for the 2.5L Boxsters.
-Passes emissions testing and does not void factory warranty.
-Very simple bolt-on installation-works with stock headers and mufflers.
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986 Boxster Sport Headers

-Fits all 986 Boxster Vehicles 1997-1999
-High quality T304SS, C.N.C. mandrel bent equal length primary tubes with 1.75”/45mm tubing.
-F1 style high velocity merge collectors for maximum exhaust flow and better scavenging.
-Complies with emissions and factory Porsche warranty..
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986 Boxster Cold Air Intake System

-Fits all 986 Boxster/S Vehicles 1997-2004
-+7HP/+5ft-lbs tq dyno tested at Fabspeed Motorsports
-Engineered for maximum power and sound. This engineered system eliminates the OEM restrictive airbox and incorporates a high flow cone air filter and sealed fresh air chamber.
-The cone filter better shapes the air as it enters through the filter for smoother straighter more formed air. Precise MAF reading and NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS. Sealed air chamber sections off the cone air filter from the engine compartment so that it can only draw cool outside air for more power. Makes car sound more aggressive and includes heat shielding so not hot air gets ingested. Makes a very solid performance and sound improvement that you will notice right away and each and every day!


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