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993 Maxflo Header Muffler Kit

-Fits all 993 Vehicles 1994-1998
-Loud and aggressive Cup car sound. Recommended for Track Use ONLY!
-System can be used in single outlet form, cap provided please specify.
-993 RSR style headers equal length 1 piece C.N.C. mandrel bent primary tubes 26.5” with F1 NASCAR style high velocity merge collectors. MAXFLO headers also come with a dual inlet dual outlet muffler system. NOT available single outlet. System also comes with RSR muffler bypass pipes/ race straight pipe outlets so you can run open headers.
-This system saves 43.1lbs/19.5kg from the rear of the vehicle with the heat option and saves 47.5lbs/21.6kg with the headers without heat.
-This is without a doubt the best high performance street, race, and DE exhaust systems that covers all bases for any 911, 964, and 993 cars.
-100% T304 stainless steel that is ULTRA strong for maximum power and throttle response. Included are all brackets, hardware and everything for complete installation on any 911, 964 or 993 street and or race car.
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993 Maxflo Mufflers

-Fits all 993 Vehicles 1994-1998
-+14 Hp and a throaty sports car sound, but not too loud for every day driving.
-Simple to install - Adjustable tips included. Directions included.
-Super quality sports car sound- pure enjoyment guaranteed. An Industry First! 14 + 16 gauge stainless steel - -Fabspeed's competitors use paper thin 20 - 22 gauge materials made like ductwork in your home's HVAC system.
-Fabspeed mufflers don’t crack, break, or split like our competitors!
-More power than all the other systems on the market.
-Ultimate show car shine - mirror polished everywhere.
-Saves 15Lbs. Fabspeed exhausts are made in the USA . Better quality than mufflers made anywhere in the world.
-Fabspeed Maxflo mufflers flow as well as straight pipe thereby reducing back pressure for more power.
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993 Supercup Exhaust System

-Fits all 993 Vehicles 1994-1998
-+15HP emissions legal.
-The Supercup sport muffler system-- the only exhaust that gives you street-touring, sport and track functionality in one system.
-It's manufactured from high quality 100% T304 C.N.C mandrel bent stainless steel tubing with 3.5" round angle cut outlets. Systems comes with removable turndowns installed.
-The Supercup system offers maximum power, significant weight savings and aggressive sports car sound. Simple and easy installation. Easy to remove and install for weekend warriors too.
-Complies with emissions and Porsche factory warranty.
-Lightweight -saves 27 lbs. over stock therefore better handling.
-No cracking, splitting or failures like competitors systems!
-Greatly improved throttle response with lower engine temperature.
-System works well with all performance improvements.
-Street legal, but primarily intended for the track. Supercup Exhaust is very aggressive and sport but does resonate at some RPM.. Proud & loud for an aggressive sound. Comes with Turndowns that are “easy on & easy off” for quieting down the system at the track.

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