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Guard Transmissions utilizes the most advanced and modernized CNC gear-cutting equipment available. All of Guard Transmission's  gears are cut with class AA grade gear hobs and feature the latest F1 gear profiles. Contact pressure angles are optimized for maximum strength and each gear tooth has a very prominent “tip relief” placing all contact directly in the center of the tooth. This special feature eliminates any premature wear found in all prior gear designs., which typically occurs at the base and tip of each gear tooth.
All gears offered by Guard Transmissions are shot-peened to Aircraft specifications, which normally doubles the service life (in medium stress applications).

Stronger, quieterm longer-lasting. It has always been the goal of Guard Transmission to offer gearsets that are so superior in quality, that even the most discerning European race teams would take notice. These gears are now in stock.

Guard gears feature modern F1 tooth profiles. Helix and pressure angles are optimized for maximum strength. Each gear tooth has a very prominent “tip relief”, placing all contact directly in the center of each tooth. This reduces premature wear, typical in race use. Guard gears are also the only aftermarket gears to utilize Porsche ® factory German-made synchro teeth, and are the only aftermarket gears to have been sold directly to Weissach’s racing division.

For high horsepower Turbo applications, we strongly recommend Guard Transmission's  straight-cut synchronized gears (especially in 3rd & 4th gear positions), available in the above ratios.  Guard Transmission's  billet mainshaft sets have a 30% higher torque rating than standard factory mainshafts, due primarily to the quill-shaft design. This also allows us to offer input shafts in varying lengths: Standard, “Short”, Turbo, and “Turbo short”. This design has been adapted by Weissach.

Guard Transmission LSDs are the industry standard in high performance Porsche differentials. Guard Transmission's  CNC billet 4340 chromoly bodies are unrivaled for strength and durability. Guard Transmission's  assymetrical ramps and proprietary clutches allow for the adjustability and tunability to suit the needs of the weekend track day junkie or pro-race team alike. We’ve spent the last two seasons working closely with BGB Motorsports learning the Caymans inside and out. That sort of pro level racing experience benefits you, the PCA Club Racers and DE drivers. We don’t just ship you a “one size fits all” specification or make LSDs for 2 dozen different marques. Each LSD sold is stacked and configured for a single specific customer taking into account yGuard Transmission's  exact chassis, as well as skill and power levels and is backed by 2 decades of transmission experience focused on Porsches and their specific needs.


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