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Learn More OMP:OMP Grand Prix Helmet - SA2010 

OMP's full face SA2010 composite helmet with 2 chin vents to prevent visor fogging. Three revolving front upper air intakes, three
rear vent holes, plush black lining made of fire resistant Nomex fabric.

•SA2010 Rated - These helmets have the HANS nutwasher pre-installed.

SALE PRICE:  $699.00 



Learn More OMP:OMP Speed Helmet - SA2210 

SA2010 Speed, formally known as the Tourismo, is a long favorite of Ralleye and Sedan racers. Clark Hamerly owner
of Apex Performance now uses and has used a Tourismo helmet (predecessor of the Speed) for the past 8 years. He repeatedly
has said, "This helmet is the best of all worlds. This helmet has Excellent weight distribution and ventilation. My people buy full
face helmets only to take off the visor. Why not purchase a helmet designed for your type of racing? In my opinion you don't
need a full face helmet if you are racing a sedan. Nothing more unpleasant than sitting in a race car in 120 degree heat. Helmets with
a shield only make the heat factor worse." The Speed has Large air vents and drinking straw hole on the chin bar. 2 front upper and
2 rear vent holes; adjustable sun peak with anti-dazzle integrated strip. It is also possible to install on
these helmets the visors used on Grand Prix model. Light grey inner lining made of fire resistant fabric. Removable cheek pads.
Unquestionably this helmet is the best of all worlds. It can be transformed into a full face helmet by taking off the peak and installing a shield.

•SA2010 rated, also has the HANS nutwashers installed to accept HANS posts

SALE PRICE:  $699.00 

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