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Rennline Billet Aluminum Valve Cover

Tired of your wife nagging you about the oil puddles in the driveway? Rennline has the solution with our new billet, fully CNC machined
valve covers. These valve covers are a direct bolt on replacement for your flimsy leaking factory covers, and are machined to accept the
reusable OEM gaskets (available below). With the corrosion resistant finish, chamfered edges, and tight gasket fitment, these valve covers
are simply the best on the market. Available in Anodized clear or black finishes, or powdercoat red all with or without the fins brushed. Also
included are the spark plug wire retainers and retainer hardware for a clean installation. Sold as a pair.

Note: Red are coated to order, please allow 1 week for red coating.


Available for   911/964/993/993tt
Available colors - Black, Black/Brushed, Red, Red/Brushed, Silver

Sale Price - $325.00 



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