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'03-'20 Models
Grom, Monkey
Z125,  RC390,
R3, R1, R6, 
ZX-10, ZX6
& more)

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Ohlins Shocks,
Forks, & Dampers


Antigravity Superlight
 Lithium Batteries


Air Filters








Cargo Racks

Chains / Sprockets

Chain Adjusters




Gauges / Dash


Engine Covers

Engine Parts


Fairing Stay

Fender Eliminators

Fenders / Huggers

Fuel Caps / Bases

Fuel Injection

GS911 Service Tool

Hard Parts

Head Set Communications


Head Lights

Lap Timers


Mirrors / Mirror Block Off Plates


Oil Filters

Protection / Frame Sliders

Quick Shifters

Race Stands

Radar Detectors

Radiator Hose Kits

Rear Sets / Foot Controls

Seats / Seat Cowls

Slipper Clutch

Speedo Tuner

Sprockets / Chains

Steering Dampers



Tail Lights

Tank Traction Pads / Stomp Grip

Throttle Kits

Throttle Lock / Cruise Control


Tire Warmers

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Under Tails

Velocity Stacks



Zombie Target


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08-14 CBR1000RR's , 09-14 CBR600RR's,  Most all GSX-R's and VFR1200F (see below for application)

Bazzaz Performance was started in 2003 out of a clear need for expertise in the area of engine management and electronics for the top tier of professional motorcycle racing.

After working as a race engineer at Yoshimura R&D for six years and helping Mat Mladin bring home his first 3 AMA Superbike championships, Ammar Bazzaz decided to start Bazzaz Performance in an effort to fill this need in the racing market, ultimately with the goal of bringing this same technology and knowledge to the average racer and motorcycle enthusiast.

Entering the high profile AMA Superbike scene in 1997, at the same time as Electronic Fuel Injection, Bazzaz has been instrumental in its implementation, tuning, and application for the better part of 10 years.
From humble beginnings in the garage of his home, Ammar Bazzaz quickly expanded the company‚ exclusive engineering and design capabilities into the design and manufacturing of engine management electronics for the motorcycle racing industry.  Completing its second expansion in the last three years, Bazzaz Performance now operates out of an 8,500 sq. ft facility in Chino, CA housing both R&D as well as manufacturing operations.  Bazzaz Performance has been designing and tuning high performance engine management products for the top tier of motorcycle racing since its inception.

Bazzaz Performance has now committed to bring this high tech world of exclusive electronics down to the performance rider level.  The new Z-Fi line of products from Bazzaz Performance offers innovative, state of the art engine management technology that is easy to use with an affordable price.  Bazzaz Performance is upping the ante on what a rider should expect out of his/her aftermarket engine management electronics. Never before has technology at this level been offered to the general public.

In addition to designing and bringing race proven technology to the mainstream market, Bazzaz Performance is a proud sponsor of Michael Jordan Motorsports, and continues to work with professional racing teams such as such as American Honda, Don Schumacher Racing, and Safety First Racing.

Bazzaz Z Bomb -
'08-'16 HONDA CBR1000RR &
'09-'14 HONDA CBR600RR

Z bomb Timing Retard Calibrator only for '08-'14 CBR1000RR & '09-'14 CBR600RR

The Z BOMB is a Timing Retard Calibrator that maximizes engine performance for up to a 7 HP gain over stock. That's a pretty impressive power boost for such a small price.
This simple, plug-in Z bomb unit installs in minutes with just a screwdriver and a 5mm hex key. The Z-Bomb integrates perfectly with all Z-Fi EMS products as well as other aftermarket tuning units.

•    Bazzaz Claims Z Bomb Gains 5-7 HP over stock
•    Z bomb Plugs in-line with TPS (Throttle Position Sensor)
•    Z bomb is Easy to Install with just a screwdriver and a 5mm hex key
  <<  - Click to See DYNO CHARTS of what the Z Bomb Does
'08-'16 CBR1000RR Z Bomb SALE PRICE - $65
'09-'14  CBR600RR  Z Bomb SALE PRICE - $65  
We HIGHLY recommend using the Z BOMB product in
conjunction with either a Bazzaz fuel management system or a Dyno Jet PCIIIusb .


Bazzaz Z Bomb - Most GSX-R's 

Z bomb  for GSX-R's

•    Z bomb Eliminates Performance Restriction imposed on bike via stock ignition timing in lower gears
•    Z bomb Improves Throttle Response
•   Zbomb  Eliminates Top Speed Eliminator on some bikes "allowing the bike to exceed 185mph"
•   Z Bomb Will allow Gear indicator will function normally for gears 1-5  "will read 5th gear for both 5th & 6th"
•   Zbomb Can be utilized by itself, or with aftermarket Fuel Injection controller.

Z Bomb SALE PRICE   - $65
( Most GSX-R's )      DOES NOT WORK on BKing

Bazzaz Z Bomb - Honda VFR1200F 10-14

The Honda VFR1200F Z-Bomb eliminates performance restrictions imposed on bike via stock ignition timing. The simple plug in unit installs in minutes.
The Z-Bomb integrates perfectly with all the Z-Fi EMS products as well as other aftermarket tuning units. 
Does not work on DCT models -

• Eliminates performance restrictions imposed on bike via stock ignition timing in 1st & 2nd gear
• Can be used by itself or with aftermarket EMS
• Plugs in-line with GPS (Gear Position Sensor)
• Street Legal

Z Bomb SALE PRICE   - $65   

ALSO See the FULL Line up for Bazzaz Fuel Injection Performance Products.  Bazzaz Z-Fi, Bazzaz Z-FI QS Quick Shifters, and Bazzaz Z-FI TC Traction Control, as well as Bazzaz Z-AFM (Self Mapping Module)   >>  Bazzaz  <<

Call 704-799-2192   Or E-Mail Us for Availability and Price.