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GOPUCK Lithium-ion Portable Charger for USB Devices


GoPuck 5x charger for usb devices    Go Puck 5X    Go Puck 5X Active Mount



Product Description:

- Mountable and Wearable, put the power securely where you need it
- Dual USB output: Standard and Rapid Charging at up to 2 Amps
- Pocket Sized for Portable Power Anywhere
- 4 LED State of Charge Indicator
- Super Lightweight
- Rugged Design – Shock and vibration resistant
- Includes  micro-USB Active Cable
- Includes (1) Active Mount

Made by the Creator of BRAILLE BATTERIES. 
-  Can power most GoPro's  for up to  6-8 hrs .. before needing to be recharged
-  Charges most Small iPhones up to 4 - 5 times  .. before needing to be recharged *
-  Charges most Large iPhones & Smart Phones up to 2 - 3 times  .. before needing to be recharged *
-  Charges most  Tablets  1 - 2 times  .. before needing to be recharged *
-  Charges most GoPro's  up to 5 - 6 times  .. before needing to be recharged *
     *  Average Charge times based off unit being turned off, or in standby mode

POPULAR USES (take the power with you) :
-  Motorcycle Riding  (Charge your device while your riding, in your jacket, backpack, tankbag...etc)
-  Traveling  (airports, trains, bus, subway)
-  Airplanes  (most of them don't have cig. lighter adapters for recharge)
-  Running errands (in and out of the car and stores)  Take the power with you.
-  Outdoors:  Golfing, hiking, bicycling, skateboarding, walking, Camping, Off Road, SxS,  dirtbiking, ATV
-  Filming long sequences with your GoPro or Action Camera
-  Streaming Videos
-  Dr. Office or waiting rooms, surfing the internet to streaming video really drains your battery.
-  Mobile power you can take with you nearly anywhere, the possibilities are limitless  

- 6600 mAh
- 3″x3″x0.7″
- 6.4 oz. (0.18 kg)
- Outputs: 2  x   (2.1 amps and 1amp)

GoPuck 5X   Sale Price $59

Watch Video for more details
>> GoPuck Video  <<


*Charging Capacity Notes:

An easy way to get an estimate of the amount of charges the GO PUCK will provide, is to divide the capacity of the GO PUCK ( 5X = 6600 mAh), by the capacity of the device you’re charging.


GO PUCK 5X (6600 mAh) :    iPhone 5S (1570 mAh battery) = 4.2 – So technically, you should be able to charge the iPhone 5S roughly 4 times with a 5X. (it won’t work out this nicely though…explanation below)

To maximize charging time and number of charges you will get from a GO PUCK, we recommend putting the phone or tablet in “Airplane Mode” or turning the device off. For devices like GoPro, Bluetooth devices, portable gaming systems, the number of charges will be more accurate because there aren't as many things going on in the background as there are with phones and tablets. Obviously, if you’re using these devices while charging at the same time, your number of charges are going to be less.

Designed for the Active

Speed of Life.

Designed by the award winning Lithium Ion battery engineer which designed the only battery that powers every IndyCar, the GO PUCK is truly racing technology in the palm of your hand. With a unique RAPID (Regulated Accessory Power Increase Distribution) charging USB port this allows for you to get you device fully charged FAST, no matter how many apps or what megapixel your heart desires. Video Presentations, long phone explanations, it doesn't matter! From dead to 100% in as little as 15 minutes your device can just PUCK and GO!

Just Beat It.

With a smooth comfortable exterior packaging the GO PUCK is designed to slide easily into your pocket, backpack, purse, briefcase, vest, jacket or jersey. The integrated ClamLock design allows for a lightweight rugged casing which keeps the total weight as light as 4 ounces & provides all the power you need without weighing you down. Vibration resistance above and beyond any other mobile power this is a truly proven product which can survive the vibration of sports you enjoy.

Designed for the Mobile

Airline Travel Approved.

Designed to be FAA and TSA compliant and DOT tested, the GO PUCK was designed with safety in mind. Don't risk not being able to fly or travel, the GO PUCK is ready to go wherever you go.

Mount It. 

With a complete range of mounting accessories, cabling and carrying cases are being released throughout 2013 to complement the GO PUCK. Equipped from with a universal adapter for your favorite devices, you can instantly use the product from the time you buy it. If you're looking to add a signature cable to your product we offer approved cabling for the majority of mobile products.

Designed for the Connected

Stop Hackers.

With DataSafe USB technology the GO PUCK will protect your confidential mobile device's information from hackers which use public USB ports to snag personal information. Charge your GO PUCK with confidence while you charge your mobile device knowing your information stays your information.

Share. There's plenty.

Ever have something so great, you want to share, but don't want to give up what you have? We feel the same! That's why we created the GO PUCK with 2 charging ports and the power to share the love. Or, maybe you have two devices and want to PUCK both at the same time. Go ahead and do it! With intelligent power distribution you can now RAPID charge the device which needs more power and provide a charge or power supply to your other device at the same time.

Passion in Engineering

Trusted. Proven.

Dead phone batteries can turn even a normal day into a frenzy when communication is lost. The frustration of not capturing that once-in-a-lifetime picture of video. The criticalness of lighting, communication or GPS can often be the different between life or death. The GO PUCK was built using the same engineering and technology which powers critical, high risk, life critical customers and was designed by a team which built our Governments special operations remote power, Formula 1 champions, NASCAR champions and every Indy Car in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. We understand how important power is to you, with a passion!

Endurance Power.

Tired of your tracking, data acquisition, GPS or Camera System dying? The GO PUCK is the exclusive product designed from the beginning to be used as a power supply on-board racing vehicles, sports athletes, daredevils and the scientist or media producer in all of us.