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There are a lot of Myths out there about the CBR929RR.  We are here, Not to Sell you anything or MAKE you believe us...  Just to help inform all our fellow 929 owners some facts we have found regarding Honda's CBR929RR.

Were do we start.... Let's see -

Well, After thousands of phone calls regarding this question "What's the difference between the PCII/PCIII/PCIIIr??".... We decided to ad it to this page.  Here is the deal with the Power Commander.  A PCII for all OTHER bikes controls the Fuel Table and the Ignition Curve for a motorcycle.   When DynoJet made a PC for the 929... it did NOT have the Ignition Curve Map built in.  You could only control the Fuel Map.  So, they called it a PCIII instead. There are some other little things that are unique to the PCIII... but, nothing to write about.  The fact is it  has always been a PCIII. They just didn't have the New PCIII Stickers for them at that time.  Any Power Commander made for a 929 is a PCIII, regardless of what the sticker says.
Well, enough customers have called and argued with Dyno Jet, that they wanted the Ignition Curve control.  So, Dyno Jet made another one called PCIIIr. Which not only controls the Fuel Curve.. But also the Ignition Curve as well. Retail - $399.95  And the other question is "What's the difference between DynoJet and K&N's  PCII/III??"  The answer is the Sticker.  It's the same PC... only it has a large K&N logo and a Smaller DynoJet Logo.  They are in a partnership to sell each others products. 

Now, Back to the bike.

Honda did  do a  sweet job with the CBR929RR.  The HTEV(Honda Titanium Exhaust Valve) and AirBox Flapper Valve do indeed make a nice smooth powerband.  But, they do this by restricting the crap out of the bike.  The Flapper Valve stays completely closed restricting air intake until 7000rpm.  Even when it is fully opened it partially blocks the intake.  The HTEV does change slightly at 3500 then at 7500rpm.  Even at full throttle and High RPM's the HTEV is restricting Exhaust Flow.  Honda is all about Low Emissions.  Anyone who watches TV Commercials already knows this.  That is why the CBR929 is only making 120-128 hp - in Stock Trim.  Compared to the R1 and ZX-9R (130-136).. It's a little weak.
But, fear not most of it has to do with the Flapper valve and the HTEV.  As we stated they greatly hinder the bike.

Back when the EXUP first came on the R1.. everyone thought "Don't take it Off"... " You will loose power.."  Then Akrapovic made a sweet Full System that gave 10hp BOLT ON, even before the Jet Kit was installed.  Good Midrange, and Excellent Top-End Power.   That EXUP Myth was Shot out the window.

Now Honda has the HTEV and everyone thinks the same thing.

A few Exhaust Manufacturers came out with Full Systems very quick.  They did indeed make More HorsePower on top, but had many dips below stock through out the low and Mid.  And nearly all of them had to remove the headers pipes just to change the oil filter.   Not to mention a few that came to close and melted the bodywork.   A lot of this was due to the lack of R&D work.  Everyone was on a scamper to have a  Full System for the 929 on the Market as fast as possible.

Then last came Micron.  They spent Many months on R&D, and came out with an Awesome System - 10-12 HP w/ Matching PCIII.  The header pipes are routed around the oil filter for direct easy access.  The end Caps are BOLTED on.  No Cheap Metal band w/ pop rivets, which wind up vibrating loose and damaging the Canister.  And of Course...  Absolutely, HUGE Mid-Range and Top End HP Gains.  NO Dips below stock ANYWHERE.   THE HTEV theory was thrown out the WINDOW as well... Just not everyone Knows this YET.

And of course there is the weight thing.  Yes, indeed the 929 comes with a Full TiTanium  System.  Well, that full Ti System is actually pretty heavy.   22 lbs total weight on the  (49 State) models.  Even More on the California  model w/ Caty. Converter.  How is that possible you ask??  Well, the Truth is, to be called a Full TiTanium  system you only have to have a Majority of the metal be TiTanium.  In other words, you could have 40% Ti ,  39% Stainless and 21% Aluminum.  Also take into account that the HTEV is SOLID Metal.   w/ a Ceramic Valve   and the Canister is of course Stainless Steel w/ a Alum. Sleeve. 

Well, 22lbs is not that much,  is it??  

Actually, it is a lot of weight.  To give you an example, Although it's made for a different bike, a Muzzy Full TiTanium system for the CBR900RR weighs ONLY 7lbs.  The lightest Full System we have found for the 929, was indeed the Micron. SS/Carbon.  It weighed in at 12 lbs.  That's a 10 lb weight saving.  And Yes, the Carbon Sleeve IS slightly lighter than the Ti Sleeve. 

Quick Note -
With OUR - RAM AIR DUCTS (CBR929) and Full Micron Race w/ Matching PCIII... our bikes went from between 125-127 Hp   to   144-145 Hp.  Dyno tested RWHP.

The Ram Air DUCTS  added 5-7 HP through out... The Micron Full system w/ Matching  PCIIIr Added 14-16 HP... then a little Dyno Tuning(we have No idea what they did to our bikes) added an additional 2-3HP.

With OUR - RAM AIR DUCTS(CBR954) and Full Micron Race w/ Matching PCIIIr... our bikes went from between 131-133  Hp   to   148-151 Hp.  Dyno tested RWHP.

The Ram Air DUCTS  added 5-7 HP through out... The Micron Full system w/ Matching  PCIIIr Added 14-16HP... then a little Dyno Tuning(we have No idea what they did to our bikes) added an additional 2-3HP.

These bikes FLY.  Next we are putting in some HRC/Erion Racing Cams, Springs.. Ti Retainers....etc.  Expect another 10-14 HP above 7000 RPM.  But that is a whole different topic.

Back to your bike.
It depends on what you want out of your bike.
If you just want the Noise and a little bit of Power Gain.  Then go with a Slip-On.
Usual HP gains are from 5-6.  These gains are generally only above 8000 rpm.  You will NOT gain any Low-End Power and hardly any Mid... with a slip-on.

If you want to spend a little more, and get HUGE power gains... everywhere.  Then get a full system.  As we said, Full Micron seems to be the way to go.  Combined with a Matching PCIII gains are from 14-16 HP.  With NO LOSS anywhere.  Every bike we have installed a Full Micron System on.. has gained power EVERYWHERE.  Dyno runs showed NO DIPS below Stock Anywhere.
Streetability is very smooth.  No abruptness.  There is a slight burp around 3200-3800 rpm.. but hardly noticeable.  After that... HOLD ON.  HUGE Midrange and Even More Top End.

As for the Half Systems.  We don't sell them.  Why, Because they are a Rip-Off.  "Half systems" or as some Call Them " 3/4 Systems"??  ...make NO more Power than a Good slip-on. You pay $150-$350 MORE for a Different  Tail Pipe that gains NOTHING.  It's just a marketing tool for certain companies to make more money... WITHOUT having to do the Hours and Hours of R&D work it takes to make a Good Header System.  SAVE your money and spend it on something else.
The only way to get more power is to change the HEADERS.  That is the honest truth.

Hopefully this has helped answer some of your questions.  If not Feel Free to write back.   We are here to help.  And remember... we are NOT trying to TELL you what to buy... Just giving you the Truthful FACTS from all the Information we have gathered.

We now have K&N High Flow Filters available for the CBR954RR.  Get one quick before they are all gone.  And remember they're washable.  You never have to buy another air filter again.  Only - $62


We now have K&N High Flow Filters available for the CBR929RR.  Get one quick before they are all gone.  And remember they're washable.  You never have to buy another air filter again.  Only - $55