(At the time of purchase)

.. Got a Better Price... Call Us on It !!!!

Don't be shy... and DON'T Spend more money.

It's Simple.  The internet is HUGE.  And it's Impossible for us to to keep up with Everyone else's prices.  So, we leave that to the customer.
If you are Ready to Order and have found a better price somewhere else.....On the SAME Product, that's IN STOCK
E-Mail Us an Exact Link to the Exact product from our competitors site.

If They have it IN STOCK, and we have that product in Stock, WE WILL MATCH OR BEAT YOUR BEST PRICE....     GUARANTEED!!!     (At the time of purchase)
And It Will Ship it out within 48 Hours of your Order, In Most Cases. 
Please be sure to compare Apples to Apples. (Many companies charge you Additional "BS" Transaction or Handling Fees.  Please be sure to factor that in, when comparing prices.
We MATCH OUT THE DOOR PRICES(In other words, how much it costs you to get that product to your door in your Hands.)

We MUST able to verify the Advertised price & Availability of course.   Sorry... We can't just take your word for it.    :-)

What is an Advertised   Price..?? (It's either advertised on a web-site that anyone can view, OR It's in a Magazine Ad, with the Exact Product and Price Clearly listed.)
(Sorry, E-Mails, or Phone Calls or "He Said He would Sell this to me for....."    Is NOT Advertised Pricing!!!!)

If it's Not in stock, we cannot match the price.  Sorry.  Too many of our Competitors feel the
Only way they can sell something is by selling it at or Near Dealer Cost.    They can only do this
Because they don't stock anything, and have No overhead.  Half of them don't even have a Phone Line, which is scarry.
Then they make you wait weeks and weeks for your product, just to save a buck.
Worse more,  if you try and cancel your order, they charge you a 10% Cancellation fee, for doing Nothing.
We don't match prices like that. ONLY if they are IN STOCK. 

We DO NOT price Match e-Bay (or similar).  
e-Bay and similar companies (Craigslist...etc) is a totally different world.  Where any Joe, can sell used, damaged, Factory seconds or Phony Knock-offs  from his Bedroom, pretending to be a legit company.  That means, NO Warranty, since they are not an Authorized Dealer. That is why you hear all the Horror stories from people who have purchased on e-bay And Gotten Screwed over.  We know, it's happened to us as well. It's a gamble every time.  You don't know what you are going to get, until it shows up at your door.  Then it's too late.  Sometimes, its the wrong color, Or the wrong Item, or it's damaged, or used.  Sometime, it takes them 2-3 weeks to even ship the product out.  Meanwhile they got your money. You never know.  And then if there is a problem good luck trying to get in touch of the buyer.  Most of the time, they change Their e-bay I.D. every week, so they can start over without all the Neg. Feedback. 
For ALL These Reasons, we don't mess with or compete against e-bay.     If you want to take that gamble to save a few dollars, we wish you luck.

We are NOT ABLE TO Price Match on Foreign/International orders,.