This is Ohlins Designed and OHLINS Manufactured Rotary Damper.
Manufactured exclusively by OHLINS.

The updated SD 2.1 is a polished version of the 2.0. 
It is easier to mount, and has better dampening, and more durability.
The best keeps getting better!


Ohlins MX SD2.1 Steering Damper
The Ohlins Steering damper SD2.1 marks the latest evolutionary leap for handlebar mounted damper technology. Equipped with a new Uni-flow valve system, the SD 2.1 controls the flow of hydraulic fluid in one direction and eliminates fluctuations of damping characteristics previously caused by changes in handle bar direction. The system is also pressurized to compensate for any temperature changes.

The Ohlins Steering damper SD2.1 is a hydraulic damper that counteracts head shake and
alleviates shock against the front wheel, which gives a safer riding.
The damper is fitted on the upper triple clamp, in the centre over the steering stem
(fig.1a and fig 1b). When turning, and in the event of wobbling, shock, etc., the damper is
rotated, thus forcing fluid through the valve system in the damper top-lid. Two valves
are adjustable - see Settings Below.

The Ohlins MX SD 2.1 steering damper has two external adjusters (fig.2). The DL-valve (Damping Level) controls the combined low and high speed flow. The RTC-valve (Return To Centre) controls the damping back to centre position [0]. See figure 3. The Íhlins steering damper is delivered with the adjusters set in a suggested basic position, see the recommendation below. Turn clockwise to increase damping and counter clockwise to decrease it (fig.2).
Turn the damping adjusters clockwise to fully closed (centre position zero [0]). Then, turn counter clockwise to open, and count the clicks until you reach the recommended number of clicks.

The new silhouette is a result of a much easier way of mounting the damper under the handlebar. The new steering damper is now equipped with a completely new valving system, eliminating any fluctuation of the damping characteristics depending on making a left or a right turn. The new UniFlow feature is actually a system that controls the flow of the hydraulic fluid into only one direction hence the new fluctuation free damping curve. The system is also pressurized to compensate any temperature changes.



Let's face it,  if you crash the first thing that breaks is your steering damper.  Why??  Because most all use some sort of dampening rod.. that gets bent or worse ripped right out of the housing when the bike falls over.   All except the The Rotary Damper.  That in itself is worth so much more than  All the leading competition.  If you add up all the features of the Ohlins SD2.1 Steering Damper ( High Speed & Low Speed Adj. )  Virtually Bullet Proof  Design ..It's clear there is only one way to go.  We have had 100% satisfaction rating from our customers on ALL  Ohlins SD2.1 Dampers.

Available for:
'09-'10 Gas Gas EC 250/300/450/515
'13-14 GasGas EC300 2T
'08 Honda CRF 250/450  (4 Stroke only)
'07-'09 Honda CRF 250R
'10-'15 Honda CRF 250R
2008 Honda CRF 450R
'09-'14 Honda CRF 450R 
'10  Honda CRF 250/450X
'10-'11 Husaberg FE & TE ALL Models
'10 Husqvarna  TC 250/450  
'11 Husqvarna TC 449
'11 Husqvarna TE 449
'10-'11 Husqvarna TE 250/310
'10 Husqvarna TE 450/510
'14-16 Husqvarna FC, FE, TC, TE
'08-'15 Kawasaki KX 250F/450F
'09-'10 Kawasaki KLX 450R
'08-'12 KTM SX250F/450F
'14-'15  KTM SX250F/SX350F/SX450F
'08-'12 KTM SX250
'08-'09 KTM XCF-W 250
'08-'12 KTM  EXC-F 250
2017 KTM XC 300
'08-'09 KTM XC 200/250/300
'08-'09 KTM XC-W 200/250/300/400/450/530  
'08-'12 KTM EXC 200/250/300/400/450/530 
'08-'14 Suzuki RM-Z 250/450
'15-16 Suzuki RM-Z 450
2013 Yamaha YZ 125  
'08-'14 Yamaha YZ 250F/450F
'09-'10 Yamaha WR 250F
'09-'13 Yamaha WR 450F


**  Kits Comes Complete w/ ORIGINAL OHLINS Mtn. Hardware, Brackets, And Complete Service Manual.   ( No Imitation/Knock Off Brackets. )

ALL Kits are priced for STOCK BARS. and NO MODS.