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'03-'22 Models
Grom, Monkey
Z125,  RC390,
R3, R1, R6, 
ZX-10, ZX6
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Ohlins Shocks,
Forks, & Dampers


Antigravity Superlight
 Lithium Batteries


Air Filters








Cargo Racks

Chains / Sprockets

Chain Adjusters




Gauges / Dash


Engine Covers

Engine Parts


Fairing Stay

Fender Eliminators

Fenders / Huggers

Fuel Caps / Bases

Fuel Injection

GS911 Service Tool

Hard Parts

Head Set Communications


Head Lights

Lap Timers


Mirrors / Mirror Block Off Plates


Oil Filters

Protection / Frame Sliders

Quick Shifters

Race Stands

Radar Detectors

Radiator Hose Kits

Rear Sets / Foot Controls

Seats / Seat Cowls

Slipper Clutch

Speedo Tuner

Sprockets / Chains

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Tail Lights

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Throttle Lock / Cruise Control


Tire Warmers

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Under Tails

Velocity Stacks



Zombie Target


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To this day - everything Yoshimura Exhaust does revolves around building fast machines and winning races. What motivated Pop’s Yoshimura over 50 years ago is the exact same thing that motivates us today. Racing and winning. There is no other endeavor that any of Yoshimura exhausts would rather be engaged in.
How do you explain the special feeling that racing gives to all of Yoshimmura? It is impossible to describe to those who have not experienced it. Being at the track, hearing the sweet song of a finely tuned racing engine at full-chat is music to our ears. Through our products, They try to impart this emotion to all their customers.
All of Yoshimura products are the result of knowledge learned from racing. Cost considerations, scrimping on materials, none of that will do. We live in a rarified and absolute world of winning races at the highest levels of competition. To survive here, you have to have a very sharp and narrow focus.
In creating Yoshimura products, just as in preparing a Superbike, you have a very clear philosophy. Bring the skills, knowledge, and passion of racing into everything they make. By staying true to this mind set, the rest is easy.
Racing:  This is the force behind everything Yoshimura does. If they were in this just for the business, Yoshimura wouldn't be putting so much effort in their racing program.
Yoshimura is a "Core" company that has a crystal clear philosophy. It is through racing that they can develop and test new products at the harshest environment.
R&D:  An off-shoot of racing, Yoshimura spends countless hours a year involved in research. The research is used to develop race bikes and then to take this knowledge and develop products for the consumer.
The R&D guys are constantly developing new parts while simultaneously refining existing one. It is not surprising to find them working late into the night and weekends.
With all the state-of-the-art equipment at Yoshimura, it might just be enjoyable to work all those long hours.

Exhaust System Manufacturing:
Yoshimura is the largest sportbike aftermarket pipe manufacturer in the world. Yoshimura ships out thousands of pipes each month to customers all around the world. Over the many years they have been in business, Yoshimura's reputation has driven sales to the point where they are the industry leader.

Yoshimura  Exhaust RS-3 Slip-on and Full System  < picture >
Yoshimura exhaust, the standard to which all other race exhausts are measured. Race track proven by
Yoshimura Suzuki AMA Superbike Race Team. The people who hand pack FIVE time AMA champion
Mat Mladin's Yoshimura RS-3 muffler pay the same meticulous attention to detail when making your exhaust system.

Yoshimura RS-3 is available in race or zyclone baffle.
Zyclone baffle offers mild performance gain and, a lower sound level than a race baffle.
Sleeve Options: Polished Stainless Steel, Titanium, Carbon Fiber

Yoshimura TRS Slip-on and Full System < picture >
Yoshimura TRS single outlet is derived from Tri-Oval (Dual Outlet) technology. The TRS offers the benefits of
the Tri-Oval shape and sound quality of our RS-3 system, for less Cost.
The Yoshimura TRS system is the same race system that took Aaron Yates to the 2002 AMA 600 Supersport title.
TRS Sleeve Options:  available in Stainless Steel, Titanium and Carbon FIber w/ race baffle.


Yoshimura TRC Slip-on and Full System < picture >
Yoshimura TRC Conical End  is derived from Tri-Oval (Dual Outlet) technology. The TRC offers the benefits of
the Yoshimura Tri-Oval shape and sound quality of our RS-3 system, for less Cost.
TRC Sleeve Options:  available in Stainless Steel, Titanium and Carbon FIber w/ race baffle.
(Please note, TRC Canisters are ONLY available on a few select bikes.  If your bike is not listed, then Yoshimura does NOT offer a TRC for it.)

Yoshimura TRI-OVAL  Full System
Yoshimura Tri-Oval is a dual titanium tip racing exhaust System. It features tapered quick-release headers using the latest
in exhaust design technology. Mated to the collector is an exotic new muffler shape that offers maximum ground clearance
and great sound. The Yoshimura Tri-Oval system is available in stainless steel and titanium full system with titanium sleeve or optional
carbon fiber sleeve. Yoshimura Tri-Oval is available in race only configuration Full Titanium Canister, with Dual Tip Technology.
Only available on Select Model FULL Stainless or Titanium Race Systems.



Yoshimura RS-5 Slip-ons &  Exhaust Systems are available with Carbon End Caps.

Some Yoshimura TRC Slip-ons &  Exhaust Systems are available with Carbon End Caps.

Yoshimura R-55 Slip-ons and Exhaust

Yoshimura R-77 Canisters  (Carbon, Titanium and Stainless)

Yoshimura TRC-D  Canisters  (Titanium Carbon, and Stainless)

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