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'03-'17 Models
Grom, Z125,  RC390,
R3, R1, R6, 
ZX-10, ZX6
& more)

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Ohlins Shocks,
Forks, & Dampers


Antigravity Superlight
 Lithium Batteries


Air Filters








Cargo Racks

Chains / Sprockets

Chain Adjusters




Gauges / Dash


Engine Covers

Engine Parts


Fairing Stay

Fender Eliminators

Fenders / Huggers

Fuel Caps / Bases

Fuel Injection

GS911 Service Tool

Hard Parts

Head Set Communications


Head Lights

Lap Timers


Mirrors / Mirror Block Off Plates


Oil Filters

Protection / Frame Sliders

Quick Shifters

Race Stands

Radar Detectors

Radiator Hose Kits

Rear Sets / Foot Controls

Seats / Seat Cowls

Slipper Clutch

Speedo Tuner

Sprockets / Chains

Steering Dampers



Tail Lights

Tank Traction Pads / Stomp Grip

Throttle Kits

Throttle Lock / Cruise Control


Tire Warmers

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Under Tails

Velocity Stacks



Zombie Target


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DynoJet POWER VISION  For Harley Davidson's


The new Power Vision (PV-1) For all Harley Davidson Softails (EXCEPT 2011 Model)
The new Power Vision (PV-2) is now available for 2011 Harley-Davidson Softails. Power Vision is the most powerful and quickest flash device on the face of the earth for Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Power Vision is a performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, data logging, and other industry exclusive features. Developed to tune any fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycle with the Delphi ECM, including 2011 models, the Power Vision Product Suite includes a full color touch screen flash device, vehicle interface cable, and WinPV (Windows PC based tuning application).

The Power Vision incorporates a very sophisticated, yet simple touch screen display that DOES NOT require the use of a computer to flash your bike. Simply select the tune and follow the on-screen prompts to download the tune, and if you'd like, edit your tune without ever touching a computer!

The PV-2 supports HD CANbus based ECM’s which currently covers 2011 Softail and 2011 Softail CVO.

Power Vision 1 (PV-1)  $570
For all Harley Davidson Softails
(EXCEPT 2011 Model)

Power Vision 2 (PV-2)   $570  SALE PRICE $499
For all 2011 Harley Davidson Softails ONLY



Auto Tune for Power Vision is now shipping! This kit is very similar to the Auto Tune for Power Commander, except it includes a few items required to be used in conjunction with the Power Vision.

This new and exciting accessory is designed for use exclusively with the Dynojet Power Vision. The Auto Tune module by itself does not tune your vehicle; rather it transmits wide band Air-Fuel Ratio (AFR), or more precisely, Lambda values to the Power Vision. This data is critical to determine exactly how rich, or how lean your vehicle is running. Unlike the stock OEM narrow band oxygen sensors, the Bosch wide band sensors included in this Auto Tune kit are extremely accurate at ALL operating ranges of your vehicle. In order to get the most from your Auto Tune kit, you must use a software application called Log Tuner. Combining Auto Tune with Log Tuner puts you in control and ensures you end up with a safe and powerful tune. Tune like the Pros with precise fuel and spark advance corrections that are applied to your tune with a few clicks of the mouse.

The kits come with everything you need, including a Y-adapter to provide power and communication simultaneously to both the Power Vision and the Auto Tune module. You can also purchase the Y-adapters and the extra long CAN-to-CAN cable separately if need be.


What is a Dyno Jet Powercommander
The Dyno Jet Power Commander PCIIIusb is a fuel injection and ignition timing (on some models) adjustment unit that plugs "inline" with the bikes' stock ECU. The DynoJet Power Commander PCIIIusb uses original equipment style connectors so that no splicing or cutting of the harness is required. Most installations take less than 15 minutes, some as little as 5 minutes. Changes are made to the bikes fuel and ignition curves via the Dyno Jet Power Commanders onboard microprocessor. Using this technology we are able to offer a large area of adjustment without making any permanent changes to the bikes' ECU (electronic control unit). Removing the Power Commander PCIIIusb returns the bike to its previous stock condition. The DynoJet Power Commander PCIIIusb can be ordered preprogrammed with a your choice of several settings, based on the modifications to your bike. The DynoJet Power Commander PCIIIusb also comes complete with software and cable link that allows you to change between different maps or make adjustments to a map file.

Who uses The Dyno Jet Power Commander (PCIIIusb & PC V ) ???

2010 Padgett Racing Team Isle of Man SS Championship
2010 Padgett Racing Team Isle of Man SBK Championship
2010 Padgett Racing Team World SuperSport Winner
2010 IDM Superbike Championship - Karl Muggeridge
2010  Aluma-Lite  Australian SBK Championship
2010 Pat Clark Motorsports - Ben Bostrom
2010 DNA Ducati
2010 Aussie Dave Racing
2010 Azza Racing  (Australia)
2010 LTD Racing
2010 Team: Graves Yamaha Riders:  Josh Herrin, Tommy Aquino
2010 Jordan Szoke
2009 Team: Graves Yamaha Riders: Ben Bostrom, Josh Herrin, Tommy Aquino
09-10 Geico Powersports - Danny Eslick
09-10 Team Monster/Emgo M4 Suzuki

2008 Factory Kawasaki
2008 Factory Yamaha
2008 Attack Kawasaki
2008 World Ducati Factory
2008 Corona Honda Riders: Jake Holden, Matt Lynn 
2007 AMA SuperSport Champion (Factory Kawasaki / Roger Lee Hayden)
2007 AMA Formula Extreme Champion
(Factory HONDA / Josh Hayes )
AMA Formula Extreme Champion
(Factory HONDA / Josh Hayes )
2006 AMA
SuperSport Champion (Factory Yamaha /Jamie Hacking)
2006 AMA
SuperStock Champion (Factory Yamaha /Jamie Hacking)
2005 AMA
Supersport Champion (Factory Kawasaki)
2005 AMA
Team  M4/Emgo Suzuki  
2005 AMA Team Graves Motorsports  (
Factory Yamaha)
2004 AMA
SupersportChampion (Factory Kawasaki)
2004 AMA Superstock Champion(Graves Yamaha)
2003 AMA Superstock Champion
2002 AMA Superbike Champion(Factory Honda/Nikki Hayden)
2002 AMA Formula Extreme Champion
Attack Suzuki
Factory  Honda  (CBR1000RR, RC-51, F4i, CBR600RR)
Erion Racing (CBR1000RR, CBR954, F4i, CBR600RR)
Attack Suzuki  (
02-03 Formula Extreme Champion)
Valvoline/Emgo Suzuki 
(GSX-R 600/750/1000)
Graves Yamaha
(R6 / R1 )
All Powered w/  DynoJet Power Commanders .!!!


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We will NOT be Undersold..... WE GUARANTEE IT.

We WILL Beat It ANYONE ELSE's Advertised Price On
"IN-STOCK"  Dyno Jet




The Dynojet Quick Shifter Sensors are compatible with PCIIusb & PC V  Power Commander ONLY and allow "full throttle, clutch- less" upshifts. These high quality sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable shifting in conjunction with the Power Commander. Sensors are attached to the gear linkage and connect into the Power Commander expansion port. All sensors include a Software utility which allows the user to adjust the "Kill Time" and "Minimum RPM Shift Point" within the Power Commander Control Center Software.  "Please note these are NOT Power Shifters.  They do NOT shift for you.  The allow "full throttle, clutch- less" upshifts, by cutting the Fuel for a split second as you start to shift..

>> Quick Shifter  Pricing & Application Chart  <<

For more information, please refer to the guide belo: Linkage Adapters ONLY Sold w/ Quick Shifters.(Not sold Separately)

Sensor Installation Instructions
Pdf | Zip
Shift Rod Installation Guide
Pdf | Zip
Linear Sensors  are universal..
Shift Rod Sensors require the gear linkage tie-rod to be modified. We are developing a range of tie-rods for the popular models, as well as universal tie-rods that are specifiAvailabley designed to give maximum adjustment, allowing a combination of different M6 right hand and left hand male and female threads over a wide range of 160mm to 280mm. This will allow easy installation on many models as well as some custom rear-set applications..


 Auto Tune for Power Commander V
“Auto Tune” kits are available that include Wide Band O2 sensors and control boxes. It will plug directly into the PCV and allow automatic fuel adjustments.
Auto Tune can make a map for each gear it can map each cylinder separately for each gear if needed. (basic settings would make one map for all gears)
“Warm Up” fuel adjustment (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel/timing adjustments based on it)
Each map cell is individually adjustable so you can specify an exact AFR value for each area if needed. This allows the tuner/user to select specific AFR targets for idle, cruise, and large throttle opening areas. By doing this you can automatically tune the cruise area for best fuel economy while at the same time achieve maximum power at wide open throttle.
If Dyno Jet does not have the exact map for your combination of parts you simply need to choose the closest one and let the Auto Tune kit do the rest. (if you have an very heavily modified engine and/or short drag pipes verifying your settings on a dynamometer is recommended).


HARLEY  AUTO TUNE KITS  (AT100) Retail : $370  OUR SALE PRICE - $309
(includes 2 - wideband o2 Senors)



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