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'03-'22 Models
Grom, Monkey
Z125,  RC390,
R3, R1, R6, 
ZX-10, ZX6
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Ohlins Shocks,
Forks, & Dampers


Antigravity Superlight
 Lithium Batteries


Air Filters








Cargo Racks

Chains / Sprockets

Chain Adjusters




Gauges / Dash


Engine Covers

Engine Parts


Fairing Stay

Fender Eliminators

Fenders / Huggers

Fuel Caps / Bases

Fuel Injection

GS911 Service Tool

Hard Parts

Head Set Communications


Head Lights

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Mirrors / Mirror Block Off Plates


Oil Filters

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Quick Shifters

Race Stands

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Radiator Hose Kits

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Penske  Motorcycle  Shocks
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  • Available as Double or Triple Adjustable
  • Adjustable  Ride Height
  • Owner Rebuildable
  • Custom Built
  • High Quality Spring Included
  • Extensive Technical Manuals
  • Update at Anytime
  • Light Weight
  • Dyno Tested


Why do Most Racers and Hard-Core Street Riders choose Penske Shocks over the competition. 

-  Penske Shocks  are Manufactured Here in the U.S.A.

-  Made from Aircraft Quality Aluminum, Hard Anodized  For Wear and  Strength.

-  Penske Shocks are Hand Built -  Sprung And Valved  for Each Individual Bike and Rider Weight.

-  Penske uses One Way Check Valves in the Rebound Jet. 

-  Penske 8987 Triple Adj.  Offers Independent High and Low Speed Compression Adjustments as well as 28 click Rebound


8760 Series Hi/Low Compression Adjuster

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The 8760 Series compression adjuster is the ultimate tuning tool for the professional race team. The 8760 Series adjuster offers separate adjusters for both high and low speed shaft movements. The high speed adjuster controls larger track inconsistencies that may disrupt the car, while the low speed adjuster controls slow shaft movements such as body roll, corner entry and exit.

When the damper is being compressed, the fluid is being displaced into the adjuster and passes through a piston in the adjuster. When adjusting the high speed, the secondary valve shims are being preloaded, giving you different compression forces. The low speed adjustment meters the fluid and bypasses the piston in the adjuster, providing an adjustable combination of bleed and shim controlled damping. In effect, the combination of a low speed and high speed adjustments will offer the ultimate tuning combination.

8987 Series Shock

Heavy duty 5/8" diameter chrome plated stainless steel shaft

The best spring available, matched to the rider's weight and adjustable spring pre-load.

High quality spring steel valve shims make up the main piston valving, which can be changed by the owner to customize the damping characteristics of the shock.

Low friction / stiction shaft bearing and high quality seals and wiper to keep out dirt.

Adjustable length eyelet to maximize rear ride height without removing the shock from the motorcycle.

Independent High/Low Speed Adjustable and 28 Click Rebound

 Penske 8987   Triple Adjustable  $1530.00     SALE Price - Starting at $1400

Compression Adjuster

8100 Adj.jpg (55031 bytes) From Formula Vee to Indy Car, the 8100 Series adjuster offers a wide range of compression adjustment for the serious racer. The method in which the PENSKE 8100 adjusts compression forces is simple. When the damper is put into a compression condition, the fluid being displaced by the shaft entering the body must pass through the compression adjuster drum and the selected orifice located in the remote reservoir. As the knob is rotated, a drum inside the compression adjuster is rotated, aligning the chosen orifice within the direct flow of oil into the remote reservoir. The adjustment knob is numbered, from one to six. By clicking to the number one position, the adjuster is set at full soft (utilizing the largest hole in the compression adjuster drum). The number six position on the knob denotes a full hard setting (oil flow is greatly restricted). This method of adjusting compression damping is ideal for most forms of racing, especially those having higher shaft speeds and displacements. The redesigned orifices make every adjustment have a noticeable "feel" and have increased the range of adjustment. At higher shaft velocities, oil passes through the orifice in the compression adjuster drum and gets a point of "packing-up". Instead of packing-up and increasing the damping force, a valve in the compression adjuster housing allows for the oil to bleed off, making for more linear force curves.


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The 8900 Series shock is completely owner rebuildable and revalvable if desired, resulting in fewer costly and timely service calls to the shop.

Two options are available for a wide range of Compression adjustments and a twenty-five click rebound adjuster for extra fine rebound settings.

Integral reservoir contains increased nitrogen volume for more consistent damping over a long race. A floating piston separates the nitrogen from the oil, rather than a bladder type device that can fail.

Fully CNC machined 7075-T6 aluminum construction with a hard anodized finish, makes this unit both light weight and strong.

Penske 8983  Double Adj. - $1120.00  SALE Price  Starting at - $1150

Penske 8975  Double Adjustable Shocks


Current Motorcycle Applications:
Honda Hawk - All years   /   Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom 02+
Suzuki SV650 99-02   / Suzuki SV650 03+   / Yamaha FZ1 01-05
Yamaha FZ1 06+   / Ducati M620/M695/M750/M800 02+
Victory  / Triumph Speed Triple 1050 05+    /   Triumph Tiger 1050 07+

Penske 89
75 Double Adj. - 
 $1000.00   SALE Price - $950
Penske 8975 Double Adj. (Drag Shock) -  $935.00    SALE Price - $950




The 8900E Series single adjustable shock absorber is a low cost, entry level shock absorber available for limited applications.
  • Ride height and preload adjustable
  • Single shaft adjuster options include rebound, compression, or open bleed bypass
  • High quality spring included, matched to your weight
  • Owner rebuildable
  • Penske 8900E Emulsion Shock  - $825   SALE Price - $765 



    PS-89Fork - Gas Fork Cartridge Kit

    Nitrogen filled fork cartridges reduce the oil foaming and/or hysteresis found in all conventional fork cartridges. By keeping
    the air/nitrogen separate from the oil (like a shock), the fork provides a more consistent damping force thru the piston
    and shims. Our design features 25.4mm or 1.000 pistons, which under testing, have provided better rider feel than
    those of the larger bore. Chrome shafts improve stiction and allow the fork to move more free over ripple bumps or
    quick change in direction bumps. All of these features combined make the gas forks improve grip, control chatter, and
    reduce lap times.
    Our design features rebound and compression in separate legs, providing better control and easier tunability. Each
    fork cap has 24 clicks of adjustment. No special tools are required for fast and
    easy spring changes.

    Avail for Models: GSXR 600/750/1000  2006-2014, R6  2006-2014, CBR600RR,CBR1000RR  2008-2014,
    ZX6R  2006-2014, ZX10R, Ducati 848  All Years, Tri 675

    25.4mm/1.000 Piston Diameter and Bore
    12mm Chrome Shaft
    24 Clicks of Rebound and Compression
    16mm Preload Adjustment Range
    Linear, Digressive and Other Piston Options

    $3520.00   Sale Price - $2325 

    KT-89FORK-20MM Fork Upgrade
    The 20mm Velocity Dependent Piston technology separates the high and low speed shim stacks for better dampening
    control over bumps. Spring buffers will guide the springs along the damper rod improving potential fork stiction and
    reduce wear. In addition your kit will include springs and valving specific to your motorcycle model and set up for your weight.

    $794.00    Sale Price - $775