PG.jpg (2472 bytes)


'03-'17 Models
Grom, Z125,  RC390,
R3, R1, R6, 
ZX-10, ZX6
& more)

"VIC" Repeat
Customer Discount


Ohlins Shocks,
Forks, & Dampers


Antigravity Superlight
 Lithium Batteries


Air Filters








Cargo Racks

Chains / Sprockets

Chain Adjusters




Gauges / Dash


Engine Covers

Engine Parts


Fairing Stay

Fender Eliminators

Fenders / Huggers

Fuel Caps / Bases

Fuel Injection

GS911 Service Tool

Hard Parts

Head Set Communications


Head Lights

Lap Timers


Mirrors / Mirror Block Off Plates


Oil Filters

Protection / Frame Sliders

Quick Shifters

Race Stands

Radar Detectors

Radiator Hose Kits

Rear Sets / Foot Controls

Seats / Seat Cowls

Slipper Clutch

Speedo Tuner

Sprockets / Chains

Steering Dampers



Tail Lights

Tank Traction Pads / Stomp Grip

Throttle Kits

Throttle Lock / Cruise Control


Tire Warmers

Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)

Under Tails

Velocity Stacks



Zombie Target


"VIC" Repeat
Customer Discount

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Guys, are you tired of getting socks, ties, & other gifts you don't need for the Holidays.
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'12-'14 ZX-14 :

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New Parts / Updated:  
We update these pages often. 
Be sure to hit REFRESH on your browser, each time you check this page.
Or it may Not Show the new parts.



The All New PC V  &  Dyno Jet Quick Shifters:

Featuring: State of the Art Technology
New Mapping methods, 
Transfer and Auxiliary Data Port for Future Add-ons.
Get One Now, Before they are all on Back Order
AUTO TUNE DEVICES - for Self Mapping

PC V    ON SALE - $299.99    

For More Details: & Buy It Now >> DynoJet Power Commanders   PCV  <<

PG.jpg (2472 bytes)

Dyno Jet Secondary Fuel Module >> SFM <<
ON SALE - $219
Allows PCV to control ALL 8 Injectors


Auto Tune for Power Commander V

“Auto Tune” kits are available that include Wide Band O2 sensors and control boxes. It will plug directly into the PCV and allow automatic fuel adjustments.  Auto Tune can make a map for each gear it can map each cylinder separately for each gear if needed. (basic settings would make one map for all gears)  “Warm Up” fuel adjustment (unit reads engine temp and allows fuel/timing adjustments based on it)  Each map cell is individually adjustable so you can specify an exact AFR value for each area if needed. This allows the tuner/user to select specific AFR targets for idle, cruise, and large throttle opening areas. By doing this you can automatically tune the cruise area for best fuel economy while at the same time achieve maximum power at wide open throttle.
If Dyno Jet does not have the exact map for your combination of parts you simply need to choose the closest one and let the Auto Tune kit do the rest.
(if you have an very heavily modified engine and/or short drag pipes verifying your settings on a dynamometer is recommended).

SPORT BIKE AUTO TUNE KITS  Retail :  $250    OUR SALE PRICE - $229  

>> Watch Video Installation <<

PG.jpg (2472 bytes)


The Dynojet Quick Shifter Sensors
are compatible with USB Power Commander ONLY and allow "full throttle, clutch- less" upshifts. These high quality sensors provide fast, accurate and reliable shifting in conjunction with the Power Commander. Sensors are attached to the gear linkage and connect into the Power Commander expansion port. All sensors include a Software utility which allows the user to adjust the "Kill Time" and "Minimum RPM Shift Point" within the Power Commander Control Center Software.  "Please note these are NOT Power Shifters.  They do NOT shift for you.  They allow "full throttle, clutch- less" upshifts, by cutting the Fuel or Spark  for a split second as you start to shift with your foot..   


 Dyno Jet PC V Quick Shifter:  ON SALE - $179    ( ) 
(Requires: Quick Shifter Expansion Module (Q.E.M.)

   More Information   -
>> DynoJet Quick Shifters  <<


For more information, please refer to the guide belo: Linkage Adapters ONLY Sold w/ Quick Shifters.(Not sold Separately)

Shift Rod Installation Guide
Pdf | Zip
Linear Sensors  are universal..
Shift Rod Sensors require the gear linkage tie-rod to be modified. We are developing a range of tie-rods for the popular models, as well as universal tie-rods that are specifically designed to give maximum adjustment, allowing a combination of different M6 right hand and left hand male and female threads over a wide range of 160mm to 280mm. This will allow easy installation on many models as well as some custom rear-set applications..

PG.jpg (2472 bytes)

djign.jpg (87661 bytes)    <-click
CBR1000RR Dyno Map, showing nearly 4 HP Gain, everywhere, With JUST the Ign. Module changes.
Some bike have shown gains over 8 hp, in certain areas, by simply changing the Ignition Timing.

Power Commander Ignition Module    


An “Add-On” Power Commander Ignition Module for Power Commander USB’s, are available NOW.
These modules will plug directly into the PCIIIUSB’s expansion port and the bike’s ignition coils. Dynojet Ignition Modules use the latest in “direct coil driver technology.” Both advancing and retarding of the ignition timing at specific throttle postion and rpm combination will be possible. In “Advanced Mode,” the tuner will be able to set the timing for each cylinder individually.
When tuned correctly, the Ignition module has potential to make excellent HP Gains Through out the RPM Range.
The Ignition Module will Also allow the User to increase his Rev. Limiter of the Bike, Enabling them to Tap the Most power
possible from the engine.
(Note, this does require a signed waiver form)
The Power Commander Ignition Module will be available for popular sport bike models. 
This does not apply to Harley Davidson model Power Commander USB’s, as they include ignition timing adjustment ability as part of the base unit..

The Dynojet Ignition Module is an “add on” accessory for select Power Commander III USB. It allows you to control and adjust the ignition timing of your motorcycles’ engine.

The Dynojet Ignition Module is connected to the PCIII USB with it’s built in expansion port link and communicates via a CAN interface. As in the case of the Power Commander, the Dynojet Ignition Module uses OEM style connectors to plug in-line of the stock ignition harness so no cutting or splicing is required.

The Dynojet Ignition Module uses “direct coil driver technology” and allows a high degree of timing adjustment. In the Power commander Control Center Software the user is able to advance or retard the ignition curve up to 10 degrees based on throttle position and RPM. It is also possible to alter the timing for each cylinder individually if necessary.

 The Ignition Module comes standard with no adjustments made in the map for the timing table. Due to different states of tune, fuel quality, and engine modifications we found it is best to leave the ignition timing stock for safety reasons.

On motorcycles that have eight injectors and were not previously able to benefit from the use of the Dynojet Quick Shifter, the Ignition Module now allows this functionality. The Dynojet Quick Shifter is connected to the expansion port between the Ignition Module and the PCIIIusb.
 Regular Price - $361  ON SALE - ON SALE - $285   
Buy it Now >> DynoJet Ignition Modules  <<


Dyno Jet, Brembo, Yoshimura Logo on one sleeve
Akrapovic, Alpinestars, Ohlins Logo on the other sleeve.

Factory Logo Hats  (Brembo and Alpinestars)
Click for more details  >>    T-Shirts  &  DECALS
T-SHIRTS ONLY - $5.95 


CHAIN KIT  ____________________________________

520 Chain Kits/Sprockets ($165 +) 

 EXHAUST  ____________________________________


Two Brothers Exhaust



logotype.gif (45340 bytes)
Slip-ons and Full Systems
>> Yoshimura <<


ALL  NEW "CZ" Canister

Akrapovic Exhaust System Technology

Akrapovic Slip-ons,   Race and  Evolution Systems.
Akrapovic Exhausts



Arrow Exhausts


"The Future of Performance."
>> M4 Exhaust <<



Two Brothers Exhaust

BRAKES  _____________________________________

core moto brake line features
core moto banjo colors

CORE MOTO Stainless Steel Brake Lines Kits.
Custom made, with thousands of combinations available


   Watch Video>>  <<
Brembo RCS19  Brake Mastercylinder w/ FOLDING Lever
 (RCS 19)
The revolutionary aspect of the Brembo RCS19 Brake Mastercylinder is the ability to choose between the 19x18 and 19x20 configuration. If you have read about Brembo Master Cylinders, you will know what these numbers mean and that there is a trade-off between the two pivot configurations. Not to say that either configuration is bad, but the rider had to choose between varying degrees of feel and power. Now the rider can change the configuration to suit their needs. No more compromises!
Another unique aspect to the RCS19 is it comes with a microswitch for the brake.
For racers, the adjuster knob has been relocated to the same position as the 19x18 Billet Folding Brake Master Cylinder that is used by Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden in MotoGP and WorldSuperBike. Two springs have been installed to ensure constant contact between the lever and the pushrod to ensure a longer lifespan.
The Brembo 19RCS brake master cylinder retains features that made Brembo the top brake system manufacturer today including forged CNC-machined construction and a folding lever that reduces crash damage.     
PG.jpg (2472 bytes)
RCS19   Sale Price: $290      
(Order this Brembo RCS on-line, and receive FREE EXPRESS Shipping

Dion Device

wpe4.jpg (8996 bytes)
BREMBO Mastercylinders -  $235 + Up    

>>  BRAKING  RADIAL  Mastercylinders <<
ON SALE  - Starting at only - $249
Includes  Brake Reservoir, Hose, Bracket, Clamps, and Brake Light Switch and much more.
Click link above for Details

  GALFER High Performance Brake PADS


Galfer Dble.jpg (180521 bytes)
KITS ($59- $131)  



EBC HH Pads   (FA369/4hh) - $44/set  

EBC Rotors - Starting only  $129


FERODO High Performance Brake Pads
Starting - $27/set
>>  FERODO <<


GALFER  Wave Rotors ($139 up
Ltd Qty.  IN STOCK  




ALL NEW  Brembo "M4"  CAST

The newest offering from the Brembo HP line. The M4 CAST Monobloc Caliper.
Designed with an entry level cost in mind... Using
CAST Alum. Instead of Billet.
These calipers are of monoblock construction utilizing a unique gravity cast procedure.
High temperature main seals plus dust seals allow for use on street or on the track.
Caliper CAST ALUM. bodies are then CNC machined.
Brake pads made from sintered material so & are ideal for use in wet and dry conditions.
Kit includes instruction manual with all information about fitting, bleeding, maintenance and more.
108mm M4 Cast Alum. Calipers    Retail - $1098  (Except 07-08 R1)
Price Includes Brembo PADS. 
Sale Price - $699/set of 2 Calipers  
PG.jpg (2472 bytes)



Brembo "HP" BILLET Brake Calipers  (2 Piece Design)
4 Piston,  2 Pad Setup.
Designed very similar to
the "Racing" Monobloc Calipers.
But, at LESS then half the Cost.
EXCELLENT Upgrade and OEM Fit.
108mm  Bolt-Hole Setup

for Most Japanese Sport Bikes, That have Radial Calipers Stock
Brembo has developed a new caliper with radial attachments that is interchangeable on the standard radial forks of maxisport class Japanese machines (HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI). With a caliper body machined from solid metal, special attention was paid to achieving high braking power and stiffness, utilizing technology derived directly from race engineering. The product, which is supplied in kit form, is equipped with sintered brake pads - at the cutting edge of today's manufacturing technology; the kit also contains an instruction handbook, a set of Brembo decals, and a series of practical temperature stickers as used in race conditions to monitor the working temperature of the calipers. The stickers clearly identify the thoroughbred race pedigree of the brakes.

To assure that we send you the correct spacers, please let us know the make, model and year of the bike that you plan on putting these calipers on.


Sale Price -$1399 <BREMBO PRICING>








Brembo HP floating rotors were developed specifically to provide owners of Japanese Sportbikes (HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI) with the maximum performance levels on the street and on the track. The new rotors are available in three diameters and are of greater thickness than standard rotors. The braking surface features a series of drilled holes to maximize performance and control when braking while simultaneously reducing rotating mass with consequent advantages in terms of machine handling. The braking surface is connected to the carrier, which is machined from solid aluminum and is the product of a comprehensive FEM calculation procedure.  The connection is achieved by means of ten floating- type aluminum buttons, reflecting a strictly race style engineering project. The kit contains the two rotors, and a set of Brembo decals.

Retail - $769.95 - $880.95
Starting - $284.50/each Disc 




BATTERIES ____________________________________

- OEM Size  Direct Replacement Lithium Batteries -


Anti-Gravity SuperLight
 Lithium Batteries

Anti-Gravity Micro Start XP5 and XP10 Charger

Anti-Gravity Micro Start XP1 Charger



Full Spectrum Power Ultra Light Weight 
"Pulse"  P1, P2, P3 Lithium. Batteries



TruGel Batteries
The Ultimate LONG Lasting Top Quality Motorcycle Battery.  PERIOD.
And Best of All, They are LESS Cost then traditional Lead/acid batteries


CONTROLS ____________________________________

clipon.bmp (182334 bytes)
Vortex Clip-Ons - $144.95    

Vortex V3 Lever Guards

crg lever   crg gp clutch 
crg rc2 lever crg lever crg lever

CRG Levers are Carved from aluminum.
They are
beautiful as well as functional.
CRG Levers are Designed to be bolt on replacements, fully adjustable.
Learn More or Buy Now >  CRG Levers <    - $84.95 & Up  IN STOCK

>>  CRG Carbon Fiber Clutch and Brake Levers ( Shorty or Standard)  <<

Aluminum Lever Guard                 Carbon Lever Guard


Driven D Axis Lever Guard

Driven D-Axis Lever Guard

Woodcraft Hand Guards


________________________________ SUSPENSION____________________________________

Ohlins Forks



JRI Shocks and Cartridge Kits
Shocks Starting at - $874
Shock and Cartridge Kit Combos Starting - $2195

>> JRI  <<


(Upgrade Replacement for OEM Forks)

Ohlins ALL NEW 30mm NIX Fork Cartridge Kits
Limited QTY.  IN STOCK
The new Road&Track 30 mm front fork cartridge kit from Öhlins is based on experience gained from World Supersport and Superstock Championships. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for a National Roadracing title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. The NIX 30mm cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort.  Greater Surface Area translates into more control, less negative pressure on the back side of the piston virtually eliminating cavitation commonly found on other brands of cartridge kits.  These 30mm NIX Cartridge  Kit has a unique design with compression damping and adjuster on the left leg and rebound damping and adjuster on the right leg –
i.e. all adjustments are on the TOP of the Forks Together, with the Spring Pre-Load adjusters.

>> GPR Steering Damper  <<
Retail - $575 Sale Price - $449  


  Click >>  Ohlins Shock  <<



Photo Loading...
Scotts Steering Damper -


WHEELS ____________________________________



Marchesini FORGED Magnesium & Aluminum Rims



BST Carbon Fiber Wheels, are OVER 10 lbs LIGHTER then stock wheels
This translates to SAVING over 4000lbs of inertia at 100mph
Your bike will handle better, accelerate faster, brake sooner, and better turn-in.

- Black Stone Carbon Fiber Rims -
Starting at only - $3195



>> Carrozzeria Forged Aluminum Wheels <<
Starting at only - $1689


- OZ Wheels -

FORGED Magnesium & Aluminum Rims


REAR SETS ____________________________________


>> Vortex Full Adjustable Rear Sets    <<
Retail - $409
  Sale Price -
$ Click Link


 Gilles Rear Sets 
     STYLE (AS31)
or  TI or BLACK   


________________________________ ELECTRICAL____________________________________

sena headset
The SENA 20S is a State-of-the-art Motorcycle & Powersports
Bluetooth® communication system.
The unit provides a sleek and aerodynamic design that offers a versatile jog dial that maximizes
the ease of use for riders. 
Great Range, excellent sound quality.
- Long Lasting Battery life
- Listen to your music
- Answer or make Phone calls
- Water Resistant
- Easy to setup and use right out of the box
>> SENA Communication System <<


GARMIN GPS Navigation


GPS Tracking
similar to Lo-jack

Antigravity  Ultralight X    LED Flashlight / Bluetooth Speaker  & Phone Charger  ALL in 1

>> WATCH Complete Product Review and Demonstration <<


Scorpio Alarms
w/ FM Pager and

Proximity Remote

 >> UNIVERSAL Dyno Jet Ign. QuickShifter Controller Box  <<
 , Very Limited QTY.

Real time fuel adjustments
Display channels real-time: RPM, TP, map position (when using map switch), duty cycle,
fuel change, ignition change & wideband air/fuel ratio- (w/WB2 or AutoTune connected)
Weather resistant for use in all conditions
Log channels saved to internal memory and can be viewed / analyzed with Dynojet’s PowerCore Software
High contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight

Dyno Jet  POD-300 Display
 (for use with PCV only) Retail - $260  
OUR Sale Price - $189.00  


Z-FI  &    Z-FI Quick Shifters 
Z-FI TC (Traction Control)



Wide Band Commander
Wide Band Commander
A/R Fuel Monitor     
Retail - $550    ON SALE  - $428





HARD PARTS____________________________________

>>  Driven BILLET ALUM. FUEL CAP and BASE  <<



Driven D-AXIS Bar End Mirror  


Dyno Jet, Brembo, Yoshimura Logo on one sleeve
Akrapovic, Alpinestars, Ohlins Logo on the other sleeve.

Factory Logo Hats  (Brembo and Alpinestars)
Click for more details  >>    T-Shirts  &  DECALS
T-SHIRTS ONLY - $5.95 


LIGHTING ____________________________________

PIG Spotter Mirrors w/ LED Turn Signals
These are the Ultimate Mirrors made from Billet Aluminum with Convex Lens
Offered in:  Black / Polished / Chrome

> PIG Spotters <

Custom LED Kawasaki ZX14 integrated tail lights  CustomLED  integrated tail lights Kawasaki ZX14R
CUSTOMLED - Integrated LED Tail Lights


XENON LIGHTS .. KITS Starting at Only - $49.95/each


- HALO  Light Kits 
Color Changing L.E.D Plazma Halo Kits

L.E.D. PERIMETER HALO LIGHT KITS    -    L.E.D Plazma Halo Kits 

<-Actual Light     2006 Shown for display purposes only
 Clear LED Tail Lights   w/ Optional  Integrated  LED Signals
Unlike our Competitors, who sell Just a Circuit Board,
and require you to tear appart your entire Tail Light.....
We sell only the COMPLETE Tail Light Housing.
Just pop out your stock Tail Light, and Insert this one. OEM Plug for Tail Light.

NOTE: (TAIL Light come with Turn signal option. 
You don't Have to use them, if you don't want to.  But, they are included in the price.)

881 Motorcycle LED passing Lamp Bulb sportbikelite   sportbikelites H8 H9 H11 LED headlight bulb sportbikelites H7 motorcycle LED headlight bulb


RACE PARTS____________________________________

Mantis - Non Contact Tire Temperature Sensor
Retail - $346.45       Sale Price - $296.96


Front Head Lift Paddock Stand Driven Racing  Rear Spool Paddock Stand Driven Racing
Front Paddock Stand                          Rear Paddock Stand
Driven Racing Paddock Stands

DRIVEN Halo Fuel Cap
Available in Blue, Black, Gold, Red or Silver Caps
Sale Price - $143.98



vortex race stand   vortex front race stand
Rear Stand                                                    Front Stand
  VORTEX Race Stands 
Folds For Easy Storage/Travel

Driven Mirror Eliminator Gold  Driven Mirror Eliminator Blue  Driven Mirror Eliminator Red
Driven Mirror Eliminator Black Driven Mirror Eliminator Silver
DRIVEN Mirror Eliminator
Available in Gold, Blue, Red, Black, Silver


Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers
ON SALE... $399 +  Up


>> Motion Pro Revolver 2 Throttle Kit <<
The best way to improve throttle control, but throttle sensitivity can be changed mechanically to suit riding conditions and rider preferences to great advantage no matter what your level of skill.


DISPLAY and TIMERS_______________________________



Real time fuel adjustments
Display channels real-time: RPM, TP, map position (when using map switch), duty cycle,
fuel change, ignition change & wideband air/fuel ratio- (w/WB2 or AutoTune connected)
Weather resistant for use in all conditions
Log channels saved to internal memory and can be viewed / analyzed with Dynojet’s PowerCore Software
High contrast display, viewable in direct sunlight

Dyno Jet  POD-300 Display
 (for use with PCV only) Retail - $260  
OUR Sale Price - $189.00  



Starlane Digital Gear Indicator
w/ Integrated Shift Light

Starlane Digital Gear Inditcator






Starlane  GPS  Lap Timer  w/ Speedometer and RPM Pickup

>> Starlane GPS Lap Timers  <<
GPS (Satellite) Technology.   NO Transponder Need.
Imagine, No More worrying about setup .Transponders on the side of the track each time you go out, or
Each time you come in.  Those days are done. 
Just go out on the track, Set the Start/Finish Line and the GPS (Satellites) Does it all for you.

Current Speed, Lap Times, RPM;s, Max Speed, Fastest lap.....and much more.
You can even Save each track, in memory.  NO Wire Splicing, or taping necessary.
This Unit Easily transfers from bike to bike.  Or you can put it in your car, or truck, or SUV.
Very handy device. 

TYPE R  - With TRACK MAPPING.  Downloaded to your PC or Laptop




           Starlane Digital Dash      Optional GPS Receiver Offering Track Mapping






FILTERS ____________________________________

Scotts Performance
Stainless Steel Oil Filters


BMC High Flow Air Filters

CLUTCHES ____________________________________

CBR 1000rr 2004-05 Slipper Clutch 
YOYODYNE Slipper Clutch <<
Starting at only - $799


Barnett Clutch Packs
Packs include Steel Plates and Fiber Plates. 
Each pack is  - BIKE SPECIFIC. 
SALE PRICE - Starting @ $143 + Up  


TIRES ____________________________________



Starting From - $109


SuperCorsa &
 Rosso Corsa

Starting From - $103

Shinko Tires
Starting From - $103



________________________________  Cameras & GPS______________________________

Liquid Image


Escort / Passport iQ  Radar Detector / Laser Detector / GPS Navigation,
All in one Device   click >> Passport iQ <<


BODYWORK ____________________________________


>> Puig Windscreens <<
From $67.95  +  

Sample Photos Shown 


Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Kit

      wpe2.jpg (4782 bytes)
Zero-Gravity Double Bubble Drk Smoke Windscreen ($79)

Fiberglass and Carbon Racing Bodywork
"Call or E-Mail For Package Prices"

SBW.jpg (14246 bytes)
>> SharkSkinz Racing Bodywork <<
"Call or E-Mail For Package Prices"

MISC ____________________________________

SAMCO Silicone Coolant Hoses


Dyno Jet, Brembo, Yoshimura Logo on one sleeve
Akrapovic, Alpinestars, Ohlins Logo on the other sleeve.

Factory Logo Hats  (Brembo and Alpinestars)
Click for more details  >>    T-Shirts  &  DECALS
T-SHIRTS ONLY - $5.95 


PG.jpg (2472 bytes)



More Products



Call (704-799-2192) or E-Mail Us.


Each Year, when the “ALL NEW” models are released it takes anywhere from
2 weeks up to 4 months for new parts to get released to the public.

The Parts Manufacturer’s have to get the bikes, make the prototypes.  Test the protype.
If it works correctly, then they  Manufacturer volumes, and then get them to the dealers.
This takes time.  It’s just part of life.

Meanwhile, customers like yourself, are anxiously waiting to get the newest
coolest products…

And each year, many of you will wait until the product is released to order it.

But, by the time the product is released, the demand far exceeds the supply.

Meaning 100 customers want Product X, but only 30 units arrive in the first shipment to the U.S.
So, that means 70 customers have to wait another 2-4 weeks for more product to become available.
Because Soo many others have already placed their orders, you have to wait even longer to get yours.

Well, there is a way to fix that.

This year we are encouraging our customers to order early.

There is absolutely, NO RISK.  NON AT ALL.
We will NOT Charge your credit card until the product is ready to ship to you.  PERIOD. 
NO Deposit, NO Cancellation Fee’s,  NO BS.

And you may cancel your order at anytime.  We have no problem with that. 
The demand for these new parts is soo high, if you cancel, we just go down the list,
and make the next customer the happiest man in town.

So, you have Nothing to lose… and soo much to gain.

The sooner you put your order in for a new part, the higher up on the list you get.
That way, when the new part gets released, you get first dibbs over everyone else.

It doesn’t matter if there is a price yet or a even a part number. 
Just tell us what bike, and what part, and Your Order is LOCKED.  PERIOD.   It's that easy.

We will call you the day the part is ready to ship, and give you final decision if you still want it.
If you say “YES”…. we will ship it immediately.
If you say “NO”, we will cancel the order and move down the list to the next customer.
NOTHING TO LOSE……… Yet Soo much to gain.

Don’t wait till the last minute.  If you have a part you want to order, CALL US now or >Order On-Line<

You know the saying,  “You snooze,  You lose”.  
** Please note, the No cancellation fee ONLY applies to "ALL NEW" Parts that have not been released yet.
It does
NOT apply to "Special Order Parts" that have already been released to the public and are no longer in demand.


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